Vonda & Jessie

I was a nursing student and Jessie was a truck driver. We have 3 kids, Calvin Jessica and  Jessie 3.. Jessie was DX in September of 99 with ALS. He was getting ready for work and day and he could not button his shirt. He asked me for help and I replied what is wrong with you that you cant button your shirt? He said I cant use my hands. They are weak. I quickly called the doctor to get him some time off work. We were referred to a Neurologist and he did a muscle biopsy that came back normal. Then later done a stress test that came back abnormal. The Neurologist then referred us to Dr. Apple in Houston Texas. We stayed there for a week of testing. There we received the news of Jessie's ALS.  We had kinda figured it out before we went to Texas. This was just a confirmation of it. We returned home to tell the family. Most of them took it ok. The weekend we returned home my niece was going to get married. Just a few hours before the wedding her fiance was killed in a automobile accident. I told Jessie that day that tomorrow was not promised to anyone. This was a perfectly health young man and look what happened to him in a blink of a eye. I also told him that you see that you were just told by the doctors that you have a terminal disease and would not live long.  To us it does not matter what the doctors say it is only God who hold tomorrow. It is only through him that we live. He and only he holds the future. Our faith is strong and we put all our trust in him.  For he is the light of our salvation and through him all things are possible. Jessie has a favourite song bye Mary, Mary, I just cant give up now, and one by Vonda Adams the battle is not yours it the Lords. I think these two Songs sums it up perfectly for us. 


"It is better to do the most trifling thing in the world than to regard half an hour as trifle." Johann von Goethe





ALS Independence 2003-12