If I could bring you a world full of happiness, I would. If I could take your sadness and pain and feel them for you, I would. If I could give you the strength to handle the problems that this world may have for you, Iíd do that, too. There is nothing that I wouldnít do for you to bring laughter instead of tears into your life...

I canít give you happiness, but I can feel it with you. I canít take away all your hurts in this world, but I can share them with you. I canít give you strength when you need it the most, but I can try to be strong for you.

I can be there to tell you how much I love you. In times when you feel you need to reach out to someone, I can be there for you, not to change how you feel, but to go through these times with you.

When you were little, I could hold you in my arms to comfort you but youíll never be too grown up for me to put my arms around you. You are so special to me, and the most precious gift I could have ever received was you on the day you were born.

I Love You!


Millie P. Lorenz

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